Whether you're a technology business or a business in need of technology, we can help you navigate the uncertainty and get you back to focussing on your core. Our team of skilled  software engineers work with businesses across the globe to overcome their technology challenges simply and efficiently - and we'd love to help you.

If you're embarking on a new software project, in need of a managed services partner, or just need a fresh approach to your IT requirements, Zediant can partner you in engineering success.


Mikhael Haider, CEO

Networx Australia

Rhonda Viera, Digital Exec. 

Zwick Roell, USA

Tino Pallivera, CIO

STAGER, Europe. 

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Zediant Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Shaila Tower - Kolkata IT Precinct

J1/16, EP Block, Salt Lake City, Sector-V, Kolkata


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