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Cloud Solutions

— Cloud is the future. Transform your IT eco-system.
Take care of flexibility, scalability and the availability of your services. Configure your cloud environment correctly and enjoy lower costs while increasing resources.

What do we specialize in?

Zediant is your go-to partner for cutting-edge enterprise cloud solutions. Our expertise lies in seamless cloud migration and providing comprehensive cloud consultancy services. Whether you're transitioning to the cloud or optimizing existing solutions, our dedicated team ensures a smooth journey, leveraging industry-best practices to meet your unique business needs.
  • Cloud Migration

    Complete migration strategy to the cloud also includes implementation, optimisation and cloud administration. All of this is done to make your company more flexible and, consequently, lower costs.

  • Cloud consultancy

    You're not sure the cloud is the best and safest answer for your company. We are happy to offer cloud recommendations, make provider recommendations, and offer profitability estimates for using the cloud for a particular kind of project.

  • Regulatory support

    We will work to make sure that the configuration of cloud environments complies with all applicable laws and standards in your nation.

Key Benefits

The advantages of the cloud include scalability, reduced system requirements, and lower subscription fees. With PaaS and laaS platforms, you can access limitless storage that is not possible with on-premises solutions and that you can extend as business demands and technology advance.

Cloud Backup

Be ready for anything knowing that reliable cloud backup services are protecting your important data.

Public Cloud

Utilize a safe, scalable public cloud solution to smoothly migrate your company to the cloud.

Private Cloud

We can help you use a private cloud solution when your company wants more security and flexibility.

Microsoft 365

Build faster, more efficient workflows and optimise your IT ecosystem with a Microsoft 365 solution OR Google Business tools.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service. On-demand data storage and network services that only charge you for the storage that you really need.

Cloud Platform

We assist you in setting up a complete cloud environment for your company. We manage our cloud service for you.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a powerful tool for businesses to meet current and future workplace demands. The skilled app developers at Zediant can collaborate with you at any stage of your project's life cycle to offer value and overcome challenges.
We have the specialised knowledge to guarantee that you can develop your business properly. With Zediant's expert analysis, skill gaps can be filled and your current staff can be empowered to produce the greatest results.

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