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Work @ Zediant

We believes in rendering meaningful service in order to make lives easier which fairly reflects in our workplace culture where Events and Celebrations have been designed likewise.

Delivery Lifecycle @ Zediant

From team initiation activities to delivery. We produce a potentially consumable solution to ensure deployment processes remain smooth and shorter through our continuous agile deployment strategies.
  • Step 01


    After evaluating the current business procedure, our team manages effective communication with your Management & Stakeholders to deliver the desired outcome.

  • Step 02


    We identify, define, and make a representation of new processes to support the current business rules for various stakeholders.

  • Step 03


    We create a working solution based on new process and agreed business rules.

  • Step 04


    Before the final release to the end user, we perform the solution through live testing with a limited number of groups.

  • Step 05

    Monitor & Support

    Monitors the program against defined KPIs and their components using advanced tools for uncertainties and makes changes, as required, after deployment.

  • Step 06


    Work with organisations to streamline and enhance solution optimization or process improvement to maximize efficiencies in the development process.

Security Standards @ Zediant

We base all we do on your trust, which is why security is one of our top priorities. Our systems, procedures, and products are designed to protect user and data.

  • Personal Data Protection Privacy Policy

    We respect privacy and pledge to promote the responsible use of personal data and protect the privacy rights of individuals.

  • Encryption

    We maintain data security in transit and at rest. In transit, data are only accessible via TLS/SSL, and at rest, designs are encrypted with AES256.

  • Data security

    We store your designs with cloud providers who have top-notch physical security safeguards, and our people and systems only have access to the data they require to perform their duties.

  • Highly available

    We use a global CDN to prevent network attacks and keep your data highly available.

  • Monitored and resilient

    Our oncall teams are notified of potential incidents by our threat detection, logging, and alerting systems.

  • Secure development practice

    Before we release our code, we review and test it, conducting manual and automatic security checks.

  • Staged releases

    We only release software after qualifying it in development and staging environments.

Work Fun Life @ Zediant

At Zediant, people are the foremost. Zediant believes every effort deserves to be recognized and celebrated, whether it be through an award, internal training, Thanksgiving, Christmas, day trip, Durga Puja, birthday, or work celebrations.

These events solidify the bonds between team members and promote a healthy work-life-fun balance. Zediant ensures an atmosphere where each team member turns out to be a Team Player with empowered confidence and a sense of belongingness.

Year Ending Family Party

What does work, however, is the ability to present the company as being professional and experienced.
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Monthly Celebration

The good writers touch life often. The mediocre ones run a quick hand over her. The bad ones rape her and leave her for the flies
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Diwali Celebration

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